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NWC General Construction is a DFW based Roofing and General Construction company. We specialize in roof restorations based on hail and storm damage. Because the demand for our services is based on the weather—and not the economy—we have a secure position in a very stable industry that generates in-demand services year after year!

As a family run company, we have a very tight-knit culture that focuses on treating each employee like a real person—not just a number. Check out our reviews on Glassdoor to see what our employees think about working at NWC!



We have one of the best compensation packages in our industry, we make sure our salesmen get paid RIGHT AWAY... AND along the way! We offer:
• Minimum Bi-Weekly paycheck
• Paid Time Off
• F250 Truck Bonus
• Commissions Paid Bi-Weekly (Aggressive & Uncapped)
• Monthly Incentives (Contests or Other Bonuses)
• Yearly Incentives (Company Trips, etc)
• Year-end Bonuses
• Profit Sharing Style Bonuses
  We have multiple salesmen making $100K - $150K year-over-year! This is a career, not just a J-O-B!!

We believe that the only way to build a LONG TERM business is to treat your customers the RIGHT WAY, not cutting corners or sacrificing quality just to make a quick buck. As a result, we’ve positioned ourselves as one of the most credible companies in our market. Look us up on Google to see what our customers think of us! With a great reputation backing you in the field, the only thing holding you back from signing deals is your ability to close!
Here are some more ways we make selling easier on our sales reps:
• Unique selling positions that quickly and clearly differentiate us from our competitors
• One-on-one training
• Industry specific training
• In-the-field training
• Constant streamlining of our methods to make our process more efficient (We are family owned and operated but grandpa is not the CTO!)
• Leading technology, apps, gadgets and available tools for the best competitive advantage


Please complete the form below with your NAME, EMAIL, PHONE, RESUME, and a QUICK NOTE why you would be a good fit for this position:

Unfortunately, we must respectfully make the following requests: PLEASE DO NOT CALL OUR OFFICE. PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR RESUME. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL YOUR RESUME. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL US. PLEASE DO NOT JUST SHOW UP AT OUR OFFICE. These inquiries will be ignored as we are looking for people that pay attention to the details and can follow instructions.

We will respect your time… Please respect ours!
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